Current teaching (Stockholm University)

2014–15, fall/winter: Infinity-categories and homotopy type theory (with Philip Hackney). For more information, see the departmental course pages.

2014, fall: Logik 7.5 hp (Introduction to Formal Logic). For more info, notes, homeworks, etc, see the departmental course pages.

Previous teaching

I am no longer maintaining the pages for older courses. For course materials, questions, etc, on any of the following courses, please email me.

At Dalhousie University:
2012, Winter, Math-2113: Discrete Mathematics I
2011, Fall, Math-1115: Mathematics for Commerce
2011, Winter, Math-1002: Mathematics for Liberal Arts II
2010, Fall, Math-2030: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory I

At Carnegie Mellon University:
2009, Summer I, 21-120: Differential and Integral Calculus
2007, Spring, 21-121: Integration and Differential Equations
2005, Fall, 21-259: Calculus in 3 Dimensions